CAF  Photo Policy

Important Information for Photographers Regarding Aircraft Images:

The Commemorative Air Force encourages photographers to document these few remaining relics of American Aviation History.

Photos or videos taken of CAF aircraft may be used for non-commercial purposes or for limited circulation in educational establishments, such as schools or museums. Any additional commercial use such as merchandise, websites, books, advertisements, newspapers or magazines will require approval from Commemorative Air Force headquarters. In instances where merchandise is involved, a royalty fee may apply.

Permission will be given on a case-by-case basis, based on the project. Please contact the PR director of the Commemorative Air Force for approval. These rules are created so the Commemorative Air Force can protect the brand, the integrity of the organization and ensure the aircraft assets are protected as well.

The Commemorative Air Force is always looking for talented photographers to share their work with CAF. We value the intellectual property rights of others and will not share your work without permission.
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